How to Change or Delete QuotaGuard on Azure

How to Change or Delete QuotaGuard on Azure

From time to time we get the question, “How do I change or delete the QuotaGuard subscription on Azure“?

Although when we research it, it seems obvious how to do, however, we’ve learned that many accounts don’t have the same views, and default actions as the accounts we have to test our product.

With the kind help of one of our customers, we wanted to share the below possible solution to either change or delete the QuotaGuard product using Azure.

Normally, when you open a resource in the Azure portal, there are actions you can take on that resource. 

However, for the Quota Guard subscription, the resource page doesn’t provide a single action that you can take.

The solution was to open the “All resources” view where get a sortable/filterable list of all of your resources, find the Quota Guard subscription in that list, and then rather than clicking on it (which takes you to the aforementioned unhelpful screen), you instead select it via the checkbox on that line-item.

Hat tip to Dan Kroymann from game creation company for the help!